How Footballers Can Recover from a Long Game with Massage Chairs

How Footballers Can Recover from a Long Game with Massage Chairs

It should come as no surprise to anyone that world-class athletes beat their bodies up a lot more than most weekend warriors ever could.

World-class footballers, the kind of athletes that are able to do it all, – with speed, power, and precision – spend most of their life leading incredibly active lives. If they aren’t out on the pitch, they are in the gym– doing absolutely everything they can to build their body, to get stronger, to get faster, and to get better.

Of course, footballers are also able to recover a lot faster than any weekend warrior is able to, though it’s not because they are made of stouter stuff.

No, if you’ve ever wondered why world-class athletes on their those at the top of their game, professionals all over the world) are able to come back from injuries and issues that would have sidelined us for weeks on end, it’s not because they possess some super human genetics.

Sure, they are amazingly gifted – there is no debating that – but they also have edges and advantages that most of us aren’t even aware of. Or flat out couldn’t afford.

But the massage chair is one of those “hidden secrets” available to all of us. And it’s one that you should start to take advantage of ASAP.

Gentle Stimulation to Support and Help Heal Muscles

If you’ve ever been injured (especially playing sports), you’ve no doubt spoken to rehabilitation experts that tell you the worst thing that you could do is rest too long on that injury.

Contrary to popular belief, you are going to want to continue to exercise, stretch, and work out the muscles surrounding that injury (in most cases, anyway) – though not at full speed – to keep it strong, to keep it simple, and to force new blood, new oxygen, and new nutrients into the area.

Gentle stimulation (the form of massage – from a massage chair, for example) is definitely going to help add a bit of stimulation to those muscles without putting any extra wear and tear on them. It’s a picture perfect match made in heaven, and it’s why almost all professional sports teams have enough massage chairs for everyone on the roster.

Targeted massage is paramount when improving recovery time

Even if athletes aren’t injured, they are encouraged to spend time on massage chairs – especially after a long game – to help push more nutrients, more oxygen, and more essential “recovery building blocks” into their muscles than just allowing them to stiffen up.

Depending upon the settings of the massage chair (most top-of-the-line options go from a pretty gentle massage all the way up to an mush deeper one – with stops all along the way), athletes are going to be able to give themselves the exact amount of massage they need at just the right pressure to alleviate stress, to push out lactic acid that has built up, and to speed up the overall recovery process.

Better than that though, is the fact that these massage chairs are so much more than just a solution for the lower body. Today these massage chairs are capable of almost fully reclining, wrapping the body up, heating it, and applying deep tissue massage across the board.

Rest and recovery is absolutely essential (especially for footballers at the top of their game), and massage chairs definitely do their job. Almost as good as having a professional masseuse work you over (but not quite), massage chairs are an affordable solution for most. You don’t need a top world-class footballer’s salary to get one of these amazing rehabilitation boosters, that’s for sure!

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