Garments for Thurrock Football Club

Thurrock Football Club

It is easy to purchase replica garments from the Thurrock Football Club website. The colour of away shirt is blue and yellow. The home shirt comes in the combination of green and yellow colours. It is available for players and fans. You can easily purchase from the leading online stores or the Thurrock Football Club website. Along with the shirt, there are also shorts available for the players and team members. It comes in the same combination just like the shirt.

The training and club wear for Thurrock Football Club members include Atlanta fitted bottoms, thermal sub jacket, Valencia tracksuit top, penarol waterproof bottoms, penarol waterproof top, tempo training shirt and much more. You can visit the exclusive Thurrock Football Club shop during the match days to purchase things like pennants, scarves, hats, pin badges, and car stickers. You can collect for your own purpose or collection purpose.

The players will be purchasing from the Pendle brand. It is a leading sportswear manufacturer. The company has been in the sportswear business for more than three decades. The company provides warm and customer-friendly services for its customers. You can purchase products through the website and it will be delivered by post or courier. They aim to offer informed, helpful and friendly customer care.

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If the goods have any faults or defects, the products can be returned to the company within fourteen days. The postage is free when returning the product. The company will bear the postage charges when you return the product. The company will take charge of printing responsibility. They will also provide short sleeves shirt without charging any extra cost. They will take about three working days to deliver the products. If you order before afternoon, they will ensure to deliver on the day of your purchase.

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