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What Types of Supplements Would Football Players Benefit from Most?

There are a lot of food supplements on the market today. These individual brands are usually targeted at niche markets. There are food supplements for body building, lean muscle development, weight loss, older people, women, teenagers, children, and men of all ages. It is no wonder that athletes are used to promoting these supplements, as they are seen to be the most in need of using them.

The truth is that football players, as well as other professional athletes, have their own preferences when it comes to food supplements. For the most part, they are concerned with endurance, physical performance, as well as anti-aging properties. For some, muscle mass is also an aim when choosing food supplements.

Some of the most popular food supplements include soy protein and egg white protein, for additional protein intake. Body builders and athletes who want to develop muscle mass also take in whey protein. For high-intensity work capacity, athletes take creatine monohydrate, or simply called creatine. This creates a buffer source for muscle energy needed for short intense bursts of exercise.

Caffeine is also a popular food supplement. Although coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, people seldom take pure caffeine. However, it is not just a power source but it also masks the  feeling of fatigue and increases concentration levels for short bursts.

Beta-alanine is a supplement used to improve physical performance, particularly for exercise and training. The edge in exercise can be seen when in competition, as better prepared athletes understand that training takes a lot of energy out of you. Being prepared in training, and being less fatigued even with a tougher regimen can be a big help later on during the actual competition.

Fish oil is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and it is also a great antioxidant and a source of Vitamin R. It is a vital building block for muscle development. It also helps athletes in training to recover faster and to train more intensely.

CoQ-10 is a popular supplement for energy production, as well as helps prevent cell damage. Athletes who are also taking statins usually also take CoQ-10 to help prevent the side-effect of depleted CoQ-10 supplies. A reduced form of CoQ-10 is called ubiquinol, and this version has been proven to be effective in preventing inflammation, cardiac arrest, and periodontal disease. Most athletes would look for the best ubiquinol in the market.

The use of supplements may be an option for the general population. However, for athletes, it is a necessity. Athletes, because of the nature of what they do, require more nutrients, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients from the food we eat. In some instances, trace minerals may not be present in the daily diet. Keeping ahead of the curve in terms of their dietary requirements can mean the difference between over-exertion and a great exercise.

The use of food supplements by footballers helps prevent injuries, make them go faster in intense game situations, as well as help them react faster. These are just the small advantages that an athlete needs to get an edge over the competition.

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Do You Really Need the Best Football Boots to be a Top Player?

One of the things that you need to purchase if you start playing football is your pair of football boots. There are several kinds, colours, and brands of boots available in the market, but you need to choose the best one that fits you perfectly. Choosing the best football boots in 2017 may not be all you need to be a top player, but it is an important factor for you to be one. Having the best football boots will give better control and speed, which are needed in the game. Each person has different feet size and preference, which is why one pair of football boots may be good for one individual, but not for another. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the best football boots for you.

Find the Perfect Fit

Football boots come in varying sizes. It’s best to wear your football socks when trying on football boots so you will know exactly how they would fit with the socks on. They should be comfortable on your feet. It’s also recommended that you bring your football with you so you can get an exact feel for how it would be like if you play with them. There are great choices for 2017 models, so shop around and compare until you find one that fits perfectly.

Consider the Material

The most popular material used for football boots is leather. This type of material moulds to your feet, making them breathe and feel more comfortable. It’s also water resistant and durable. Football boots that are made from synthetic material are also growing popular, while they are also lightweight and sturdy, you should find the perfect fit as they will not adjust like the leather material.

Determine Where You Are Playing

See if you are playing on a hard surface, artificial surface, or soft surface. This will help you determine the stud option for you football boots. Shoes with moulded studs are great for artificial and hard surfaces, while those with screw in studs are ideal for soft surfaces.

Since you may be playing on different surfaces and weather conditions, you may want to invest in more than one pair of football shoes that would work for various situations.

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How Footballers Can Recover from a Long Game with Massage Chairs

How Footballers Can Recover from a Long Game with Massage Chairs

It should come as no surprise to anyone that world-class athletes beat their bodies up a lot more than most weekend warriors ever could.

World-class footballers, the kind of athletes that are able to do it all, – with speed, power, and precision – spend most of their life leading incredibly active lives. If they aren’t out on the pitch, they are in the gym– doing absolutely everything they can to build their body, to get stronger, to get faster, and to get better.

Of course, footballers are also able to recover a lot faster than any weekend warrior is able to, though it’s not because they are made of stouter stuff.

No, if you’ve ever wondered why world-class athletes on their those at the top of their game, professionals all over the world) are able to come back from injuries and issues that would have sidelined us for weeks on end, it’s not because they possess some super human genetics.

Sure, they are amazingly gifted – there is no debating that – but they also have edges and advantages that most of us aren’t even aware of. Or flat out couldn’t afford.

But the massage chair is one of those “hidden secrets” available to all of us. And it’s one that you should start to take advantage of ASAP.

Gentle Stimulation to Support and Help Heal Muscles

If you’ve ever been injured (especially playing sports), you’ve no doubt spoken to rehabilitation experts that tell you the worst thing that you could do is rest too long on that injury.

Contrary to popular belief, you are going to want to continue to exercise, stretch, and work out the muscles surrounding that injury (in most cases, anyway) – though not at full speed – to keep it strong, to keep it simple, and to force new blood, new oxygen, and new nutrients into the area.

Gentle stimulation (the form of massage – from a massage chair, for example) is definitely going to help add a bit of stimulation to those muscles without putting any extra wear and tear on them. It’s a picture perfect match made in heaven, and it’s why almost all professional sports teams have enough massage chairs for everyone on the roster.

Targeted massage is paramount when improving recovery time

Even if athletes aren’t injured, they are encouraged to spend time on massage chairs – especially after a long game – to help push more nutrients, more oxygen, and more essential “recovery building blocks” into their muscles than just allowing them to stiffen up.

Depending upon the settings of the massage chair (most top-of-the-line options go from a pretty gentle massage all the way up to an mush deeper one – with stops all along the way), athletes are going to be able to give themselves the exact amount of massage they need at just the right pressure to alleviate stress, to push out lactic acid that has built up, and to speed up the overall recovery process.

Better than that though, is the fact that these massage chairs are so much more than just a solution for the lower body. Today these massage chairs are capable of almost fully reclining, wrapping the body up, heating it, and applying deep tissue massage across the board.

Rest and recovery is absolutely essential (especially for footballers at the top of their game), and massage chairs definitely do their job. Almost as good as having a professional masseuse work you over (but not quite), massage chairs are an affordable solution for most. You don’t need a top world-class footballer’s salary to get one of these amazing rehabilitation boosters, that’s for sure!

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Could Security At The Football Matches Be Using Hoverboards In The Future?

Could Security At The Football Matches Be Using Hoverboards In The FutureThe invention of hoverboards has brought so much excitement among people. People have a long list of ideas on the wonderful things that this device can do to make life easier. As such, many are already looking into which hoverboard is best for their personal use.

Hoverboards have a wide range of potential uses. But when it comes to maintaining security in football matches, hoverboards may the perfect solution to some of the challenges being experienced by the security officers at such events. This is why.

To begin with, hoverboards are very likely to be adopted by the security at football matches because it is faster than the speed of a person running. In this way, a security personnel is able to reach the spot of riot or violence and handle the situation immediately.

Starting a hoverboard does not involve lengthy procedures like starting a police car. It starts in an instant. This helps to save on time, thereby allowing the security team to the troubled spot for quick and responsive action. This will help reduce damages that usually occur in the stadium when football fans go wild.

A hoverboard gives the security personnel the opportunity to have a wider range of coverage when they’re roving about simply because they can cover more ground as opposed to when they’re on foot. This is very important because it helps them easily spot a trouble maker or a wrong doer from the crowd or can easily chase a shoplifter from the souvenir shop and therefore allowing them to take a decisive action including making an arrest. By so doing, maximum security will be maintained in a football match.

One important factor as to why the security at soccer matches may begin to use hoverboards is because it does not require any special training to learn how to ride it. Most self-balancing scooters have very efficient balancing mechanisms that it only takes about 15 minutes before one can ride it without falling off.

However, security personnel at football stadiums need lots of practice if they want to be to zoom through the venue on their boards. More often than not, these stadiums are packed with fans during games. As such, there can be a lot of foot traffic on the walkways. If the security personnel riding the hoverboard is inexperienced, he or she can easily bump into people and get himself and others injured.

But with practice, almost any security personnel will be able to use it. This makes it even cheaper because training costs won’t be involved. Plus, a license isn’t required for riding a hoverboard. Therefore, in future if the security officers happen to consider minimizing on costs, they will obviously opt for hoverboards

Final thought

In conclusion, it is quite evident that hoverbaords could be the next important equipment in handling security issues owing to its outstanding features. It is cheap, fast, efficient and does not involve much training. I strongly advocate for its use in maintaining security in soccer matches because it is the perfect device that will help the security personnel to handle the troublesome crowd effectively, efficiently and conclusively.

The Important Role Of Sleep In Sporting Performance

sport-sleeping-performanceIt is human nature to occasionally push beyond our limits when reaching for a goal.  In the world of sports, it is not only human nature but also required in order to play at the top of your game.  While doing this once or twice is ok, repeatedly pushing yourself can lead to fatigue and increased levels of stress and injury.  In addition, pushing yourself when you are experiencing a lack of sleep can be incredibly bad for you.  You can improve this by setting the right conditions, for example even the best air mattress is nothing compared to a memory foam. Lets take a moment to examine the important role of sleep in sporting events.

  1. Less Sleep Results In Slower Reaction Times

Success in the majority of sports comes down to timing.  How quickly can you react against your opponent?  When it comes to the extreme levels of physical endurance and stamina required to compete, every little advantage helps.  Less sleep does the opposite, burdening the athlete with slower reactions times similar to those experienced by people who are drunk.  A single poor night of sleep can ruin a performance.  Repeated nights of poor sleep can cause a serious lapse in performance.

  1. Less Sleep Increases The Risk Of Injury For Players

Sports require countless calculations to be made by players responsible for reading what is going on and reacting accordingly.  With less sleep then is needed, there is an increased risk of injury for players.  Studies have shown that the rate of injury increases the less sleep people get.  Whether this is a result of slower reaction times or other causes made worse by a lack of sleep, being tired puts you at additional risk.

  1. Less Sleep Influences Judgment

Several different aspects of sports are influenced by a lack of sleep, including judgment.  As mentioned above, a lack of sleep impairs judgment similarly to drinking.  Players have to spend more time evaluating the situation before responding, or risk responding in the wrong way.  By taking more time to evaluate the situation, players may also miss their opportunity to act.

  1. Less Sleep Provides Less Muscle Recovery

When training or maintaining peak physical fitness, recovery is just as important as training.  Sleep is a crucial part of recovery.  During sleep, your body goes to work repairing damage and building strength.  With a lack of sleep the body is not fully able to heal, reducing your strength in the day to come.  While the effects are not that bad with a single lost night of sleep, the effects do get worse over time.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Regardless of the sport, sleep plays a crucial role in how effective a person is.  Along with response time, judgment, muscle recovery, and an increased risk of muscle injury, a lack of sleep can cause serious short and long-term problems.  In addition, it can exacerbate pre-existing problems that would otherwise not have been an issue.  Either way, be good to yourself and your team and make sure you get enough sleep before your next game.

How the Players Use Exercise Equipment to Maintain Their Fitness

football-trainingIdolised by fans, traded by teams, and known throughout the country and the world, football players are constantly working to be at their peak physical fitness. Looking for the advantage that will give them the lead over other teams and players, football players are constantly training their bodies and perfecting their craft.

With decade’s worth of research done regarding the health and wellbeing of football players in both the UK and beyond, there have been countless lessons learned by coaches, trainers, and physicians. Mainly, a potential cause of injury on the field comes from heightened states of movement after either relatively little training or warm up. Countering this affect and keeping football players healthy longer are a range of exercise routines designed to make football players more nimble and less inclined towards injury. Playing a central role in exercise is the use of exercise equipment like the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine.

Lets take a moment to look at how football players use exercise equipment to maintain their fitness level. In particular, we will look at how this equipment aids in a complete offseason workout, how they aid in selectively training individual muscles, and how they are a fantastic aid in quicker recovery after an injury is sustained.

1. Aids In A Complete Offseason Workout

Every season football players push themselves to the limits. More often then not, this involves them pushing their minds, along with their bodies, past their endurance level. Along with putting stress on the body, this creates fatigued muscles that will only get worse unless properly addressed.

During the offseason, football players continue to train their bodies. Exercise equipment allows them to continue this training off the field and is especially useful when field training is impossible. Whether the training is occurring at a home gym while they are on vacation or in the practice rooms, an athlete has significantly more mobility and control over their work out when using exercise machines.

Along with providing the resistance football players need to stay in shape, exercise machines also allow for athletes to track their positive gains through additional weights and reps. As both can be a measure of strength, adding on additional muscle will help athletes to respond faster on the field when the season rolls around.

2. Selectively Trains Individual Muscles

With the exception of the goalkeeper, football players typically rely on their legs and core most of all. With exercise equipment, specific muscles in each of these groups can be targeted. Exercise equipment is fantastic in that it can specially target a particular region that the football player may want to work on. From a stronger kick to more flexibility and strength on the field, selectively training individual muscles can make a big difference.

Selectively training individual muscles can also be done during the season, providing a way for football players to improve on their strength between games. As many different kinds of exercise equipment have more then one motion that can be done, an individually selective muscle workout can be expanded to include a wider range of muscles. With such selection, an athlete can target exactly what they need, providing additional strength training as required.

3. Fantastic Aid In Quicker Recovery

While many coaches and players hope for the best, it is only realistic to expect the worst. Injuries are a common enough occurrence when you have individuals pushing themselves to their limits. Helping football players get back on the field, exercise equipment plays a crucial role in recovery. Routines are created by physical therapists who incorporate these machines into their recovery schedule for the athlete. With a wide range of exercise equipment, the vast majority of injuries can be addressed and eventually healed. The end result are athletes who can get back on the field quicker and stronger then before.

With all of these benefits to consider, it is no wonder that different football clubs have invested so highly in their exercise equipment. Regardless of whether you are a professional football player or just a person looking to stay in shape, exercise equipment can provide a means towards that end. Though some clubs still prefer more traditional methods such as running in fields or even hiking but that means investing in expensive hiking boots.

Two Considerations

The only things to consider are cost and muscle training. The cost of exercise equipment can be expensive, especially if you go for high-end equipment. In addition, most exercise machines selectively target muscles. While this is good by itself, having a freer range of motion and exercises guarantees that your body as a whole gets stronger, instead of individual muscle groups.

A Note About Thurrock FC Player: Les Thompson

Thurrock FC Player

Les Thompson was born on October 3, 1988. He belongs to Newham, London. For the Thurrock FC, he remains as a winger. He signed as a trainee for Bolton Wanderers at the start of his career. Before signing, he was at Arsenal and played for Newham Warriors for the junior side. In the year 2007, he turned out to be a professional football player. In the same year, he worked with Stockport County.

Apart from this, he played in Football League Trophy. He won a match at Macclesfield Town. In January 2008, he joined the Conference National side along with Mark Ellis, who was his Bolton team mate. He went as a substitute player for Elliot Benyon and won a match with the results of 2-1 on January 12. Within a week, he again went as a substitute to Salisbury City.

Thurrock FC Player1

During the 2007 to 2008 season, the Bolton released him. In July 2008, Gillingham has a trial with Les Thompson. In the following month, he played along with Yeovil Town Football Club on a trial basis. He watched victory defeating Salisbury City. On September 1, 2009, Thompson signed and joined the Conference South Club.

In the year 2010, Thompson left Thurrock FC. He played with Concord Rangers for one year and then again resigned with Thurrock in the year 2015. Before joining the Thurrock FC, he also played for Maidenhead United. He actually signed the deal on November 1, 2013, and re-entered the Thurrock FC team. Between 2002 and 2005, he was under Arsenal team and between 2005 and 2007 he was playing under Bolton Wandered Football Club.

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Other Football Players of Thurrock FC

Football Players of Thurrock FC

Lewwis Spence: He was born on October 28, 1987. He is one of the young and aspiring team members in the Thurrock Football Club. He is basically an English footballer. He is currently playing for Thurrock Football Club. His playing position is the midfielder. He was born in Lambeth, London, England. He started to play in the year 2006 for the Crystal Palace team.

He was there on the team for about two years that is till 2008. He was a regular player for U-18 and Crystal Palace teams. His turning point was the Football League Club game against the Notts Country. It was during August 2006. He played against Leeds United on the team Elland Road. In the year 2009, Spence suffered from a foot injury, and he was not able to play for the season. In the 2009 to 2010 season, he was released and collaborated with Rushden and Diamonds team. He joined the Thurrock team on 2012, and he is continuing to play till now.

Danny Francis: Currently, Francis is a Thurrock Football Club player. He was born on October 1, 1986. His playing position is forward. He was playing youth football along with Leyton Orient and Arsenal. In the year 2004, he joined Enfield Town team. He played against Bowers United team when he joined as a debut player for the Essex Senior League Cup. In the Dominican National team, he has earned two caps. He got the caps while qualifying for the FiFA world cup matches. He joined the Thurrock Football Club at the beginning of 2015. He has played as a senior team for Tilbury, Aveley, Leyton, Enfield Town, Walton and Hersham and Dulwich Hamlet teams.

Hope you found the biography of these popular Thurrock Football Club players useful. Some of the other players of the Thurrock Football Club include Jordan Clark, Gareth Madden, Ross Wall, etc.

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Garments for Thurrock Football Club

Thurrock Football Club

It is easy to purchase replica garments from the Thurrock Football Club website. The colour of away shirt is blue and yellow. The home shirt comes in the combination of green and yellow colours. It is available for players and fans. You can easily purchase from the leading online stores or the Thurrock Football Club website. Along with the shirt, there are also shorts available for the players and team members. It comes in the same combination just like the shirt.

The training and club wear for Thurrock Football Club members include Atlanta fitted bottoms, thermal sub jacket, Valencia tracksuit top, penarol waterproof bottoms, penarol waterproof top, tempo training shirt and much more. You can visit the exclusive Thurrock Football Club shop during the match days to purchase things like pennants, scarves, hats, pin badges, and car stickers. You can collect for your own purpose or collection purpose.

The players will be purchasing from the Pendle brand. It is a leading sportswear manufacturer. The company has been in the sportswear business for more than three decades. The company provides warm and customer-friendly services for its customers. You can purchase products through the website and it will be delivered by post or courier. They aim to offer informed, helpful and friendly customer care.

Thurrock Football Club1

If the goods have any faults or defects, the products can be returned to the company within fourteen days. The postage is free when returning the product. The company will bear the postage charges when you return the product. The company will take charge of printing responsibility. They will also provide short sleeves shirt without charging any extra cost. They will take about three working days to deliver the products. If you order before afternoon, they will ensure to deliver on the day of your purchase.

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Best Selling Thurrock Football Club Souvenirs

Best Selling Thurrock Football

Football is one of the most favourite sports all over the world. The number of fans for this game is increasing day by day. When you watch the football match, sometimes it ends up disappointing and most times it is thrilling and competitive. It brings happiness and energy to the fans. The football market is growing, and the fans have started to collect souvenirs to mark their passion. There are a lot of items available more than before, and it has become a trend to collect and use the product as a fan. If you are planning to buy a souvenir, you can easily purchase from one of the football club fans websites.

For example, if you visit some of the Thurrock Football Club fans websites, you will find souvenirs, clothes, and football kits easily available. The link will easily redirect you to a particular online store where you can purchase and collect decorative items. No matter whatever the price is, most of the fans will tend to purchase whenever they come across a website.

Some people do not follow the game much, but they will purchase for gifting purpose. It is also a best idea to gift or bring happiness to a person by gifting them a football souvenir. Some of the best selling Thurrock Football Club souvenirs include log mug, logo baseball cap, Thurrock Football Club text scarf, and bar scarf. The Thurrock Football logo mug is available in green and yellow colors. The Thurrock cap comes with the beautiful and simple Thurrock logo.