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Football Birthday Party for Children

Football Birthday Party for Children

It has become a trend to celebrate birthday parties for children in football style. It is mostly organized by the leading football club members or fans like Thurrock Football Club. The entire party consists of thrilling competitions, exciting games, and entertaining matches. Some of the best football coaches lead the sessions and help to make the party entertaining and exciting.

If your kid is football crazy you have to think about setting up a football party. You can ask your favourite football club for this option, and they will do all the necessary arrangements for you. The entertainment will begin immediately the guests enter the football court and kids will start to kick off while celebrating their birthday party.

Some of the popular games arranged for children’s birthday party are weather game, lightening, doctor doctor, stuck in the mud, rabbit’s tale, Indians and cowboys, and much more. All these games will come in the first session. In the second session, shoot to score, keepy uppy’s and who will be the penalty queen or king?

Once the finalists are filtered in the second session, they will be taken to the third session. In this session, the winners will be rewarded with the cup. The cost of the package is affordable. It will be according to the number of coaches, venue of the party, equipment used for the party and invitation tickets. Each child will be given one certificate at the end of the party. It is necessary to bring at least ten children to arrange this party. The party will last about one to two hours.